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Is it wrong to make tawassul to Jesus (a)?

Tawassul means to resort to someone or something as an intermediary before God in order to become closer to Him so that He may fulfill one's request. Divine prophets are among those who have high status before God and through them, one can get close to God. Therefore, since Jesus (s) is one of the great prophets and righteous servants of God, it is permissible to resort to him as a mediator and get close to God and ask Him to grant our request through him.

Muslims believe that even in tawassul it is only God that grants the requests; thus, they ask the saints to appeal to God so that He fulfills their requests. Therefore, tawassul must not be considered as believing that these figures are independent in granting the requests; rather it is an admission that God is the only one who grants the requests and He is the only effective entity in the world of existence.

Verse 35 of Surah Ma'ida reads, “O you who have faith! Be wary of Allah, and seek the means of recourse to Him ….” As the word “means of recourse” has no stipulations, it includes everything (approved by God) that has the ability to bring humans closer to God.

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  • This article is mainly taken from "توسل به حضرت عیسی(ع)" on Persian wikipasokh.